26 days until I leave for my trip. Until then, I’m nothing but an anxious wanderer. I dont think I’ll ever be fully prepared for a trip like this. I’m assumming I’ll get the hang of it as time goes on. Except, unlike anything else ever in my life, I’ll be getting the hang of it by myself. 

Okay, well, I’m not gonna brag … Okay, I am gonna brag. I think I’m pretty tough. Sometimes, I envision a creepy guy breaking into my car at a motel when I throw open my room door and run up to him, tackle him, give him a swift jab, right hook, and retreat back to my room after calling him a “fuckin’ asshole” in my best boston accent.. But thats just sometimes. Other times, I envision a creepy man breaking into my car as I helplessly watch through my hotel window, calling him a “fuckin’ asshole” in my best boston accent. Either way, I would prefer to avoid that type of situation in entirety. However, I’ll be driving through the midwest and most likely staying in creepy motels along the way in order to avoid getting mauled by a wild bison or eaten by a rabid prairie dog. I doubt either of those things would happen if I decided to camp instead of stay in a motel. But I know I would probably crash the car the next day on account of sleeping with both eyes wide open the night before in a tent, alone, in the woods… with bugs. I can imagine every snap of a twig sending electricity through my body and jolting me awake every 30 seconds. I can also imagine a whisp of my hair touching my neck ever so gently so that I think theres a clan of daddy long legs crawling up my back. But let me stray from all this negativity. Realistically, I’ll be snuggled up in my sleeping bag on a cigarette burned motel bed, with my iPhone and favorite TBS television show playing in the background as I facetime with my mom and dad. I even bought a great door alarm that you wedge at the bottom of a door and it rings if someone were to pick the lock and begin to open it. Hopefully, this apparently peircing noise woud void off any unwanted visitors. Either that, or I better get my boxing gloves back on. I could totally take them.