I remember when it was rebellious to smoke weed. Now, its just fun. One of the first times I ever got stoned was in a park near my house. I was in high school and I remember being dropped off at my house after we smoked. Naturally, my grandparents were visiting. So, I devised a clever plan and told them I was at a friends’ house that day. And this friend of mine, whom you’ve never met and don’t know their name, owns multiple pets. And because I have so many unbearable allergies to ridiculous things like hampsters, birds, timothy grass, and dust mites – just to name a few- its almost not even funny. Therefore, my grandparents did not find it funny at all when my eyes were pulsing out of my head and looked like they had been drawn on my face with an extra thick red sharpie. Like any other teenager, I immediately retreated to my bedroom. But of course it was dinner time and I had to leave behind the comfort of my own walls for an awkward dinner with my parents and grandparents. Even after such a cliche first time experience, I fell in love. Mary Jane has had my heart ever since. I will always be an advocate and I will always passionatley argue on her behalf. Our country has mixed priorities and call me a hippie (do it, I dare you) but I know this world would be a much more peaceful place if no one ever criminilized the plant in the first place.

Anyways… I didn’t give myself the label of a “stoner,” until I had the guts to smoke alone. Without anyone there. When I first started smoking weed, I thought it was for social purposes. Everyone would get together and smoke and laugh and have a grand ole’ time. I’d meet new people and make new friends every day and I loved it. The stoner community is the most rewarding community to be a part of and I dont ever see myself leaving it behind. But once I smoked weed by myself, just for the pure pleasure of feeling stoned, I knew there was no turning back. I decided to take my bowl for a quick cruise. It was around 9pm and I packed about 2 hits worth of weed into the bowl and told my parents I was going to Dairy Queen. Then, I drove off in the other direction and headed for cloud nine. Right after the first few hits, I could feel my eyelids head south. Then I realized I had not turned on the radio yet so I turned the dial and the first song that played was “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin..  Classic. It was perfect. The only thing on my mind was the road ahead of me.  The music was seeping into my body and I felt every note ringing through me. I couldn’t help but scrunch my face and clench my fists as I sung along with Robert Plant. After about 20 minutes of pure bliss, I realized I didnt know where the heck I was anymore. I knew I was only 20 minutes from my house, but still, had no idea where I was at all. A state of panic replaced my previous nonchalant attitude. After making a turn and losing myself even more, I texted my friend my surroundings and they guided me back home. The stoner community at its finest yet again. 

I’ve only shared with you some of my first experiences smoking weed. I am not a lazy person and I do not drive my car stoned all day long. I am successful, I am happy, and I am a stoner. I have had many other experiences with Mary Jane that I would never be able to fit into one blog. Dont judge others for smoking weed if you are not going to judge others for drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. In fact, dont judge people at all. Its okay to get lost with yourself sometimes. Sometimes, its exacty what you need.