So I’m here in Kansas. I’ve stopped in West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, St. Louis, and Lawrence. So far, things have run smoothly besides the one mishap where I may or may not have left my glasses behind at a motel in Missouri. The “nice” cleaning lady helped me look for them and then suggested I try the Dollar Tree down the street to replace my $200 pair of Guess prescription eye glasses. I immediately broke out into an unattractive sweat when I realized how naked my face felt without my glasses on it. I high-tailed back to the motel (which I had driven 20 mins away from) in an effort to find my long-lost glasses. Thankfully, my mom got another pair made for me and sent them to Kansas the next day so I could pick them up at my friend’s house. So, besides this, my trip has not had too much excitement yet and I am thankful for this. The beginning of this trip was for me to relax and get things off of my mind. I have been very relaxed and it is a great feeling to rid yourself of all your problems and issues of real life and just focus on the problems/issues of the trip instead. Where to park, where to eat, or where to stay at night. It is very relieving to only have to worry about the essentials of my life and not of anyone else’s. 


I woke up at 2am to leave my house in Brockton at 3am. I got a bit of a late start after re-organizing some of my supplies and bidding farewell to my parents. It was a nice night and the air seemed crisp. Even just driving through Brockton, it already felt like I was in another world: the roadtrip world. I watched the sun rise as I crossed into New York, which was bittersweet because this was the time everyone was on the road and heading to work. I got stuck in some traffic until after I got through New Jersey but this couldn’t really dampen my mood. Eventually, I stopped in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for breakfast at a diner that I had yelped beforehand. It was cheap and it was actually delicious. But very ghetto. I don’t mean to be rude, but it was. It was rundown and it was located in a not-so-wealthy part of town between a puerto rican restaurant and an abandoned gas station. I got 2 eggs over medium with white toast, bacon, homefries, and coffee for only $6. This was my first meal on my own at a diner, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Then I was off to West Virginia to stay at the Knights Inn for the night. This was quite interesting. There were groups of construction workers staying in the rooms next to mine and they cat-called to me every chance they got. I was wiping the 5,000 bugs off the front of my car when a cracked out lady with a broken heart tattooed on her arm came over to me and asked if “the pop machine” was broken. She said she had chosen the Pepsi button but got 2 waters instead. I wasn’t very intrigued by this conversation but I was being friendly enough for her to feel the need to continue it. She started dropping a bunch of coins that she was hoarding in her sweaty hands. I helped her pick them up and she tried to help too but her water started pouring out of the bottle she was holding with no cap. After finally getting all her belongings back together, she asked me for five singles and told me her boyfriend was in the room with another woman. It was all quite confusing and very cliche. It was all I expected and more from a Knights Inn in West Virginia. I spent $58 on this motel which is ridiculous to me now because I’m finding places for $40 a night in the midwest. It was weird being on my own in a motel in the middle of West Virginia but I enjoyed the solidarity. I rolled a joint, went for a 20 second cruise up the street. I cut the cruise short because it started looking dark and creepy. When I returned, I ate a corn muffin and watched some all- american TV to make me feel more at home. I put my hotel door- wedge alarm on high and went to sleep. Surprisingly, I fell asleep right away. The next morning, I woke up to have breakfast with my friend from high school, Casey. We went to iHop which I have never given a chance before and I don’t know why! I’ve been missing out. I enjoyed the two x two x two with pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Also, theres a Butter Pecan syrup that I don’t know how I’ve lived without all these years. After breakfast, I got a coffee and got back on the road. Of course, I had a little scare at the gas station when I thought my car was leaking some sort of oil. After hitting up an Auto Zone, I was relieved to find out it was just my A/C and I was freaking out for no reason. I couldn’t bare the thought of having this type of problem with my car so early on in the trip. Kentucky would be my next big stop! Image